Marcia Reuben

My music Journey

Marcia Reuben is a U.K based Multi-disciplinary Artist.Her style of music is Roots Reggae & Dubs with influences from RnB & Hip Hop. She plays acoustic guitar and bass and is currently working on new ideas for her first debut album.

Marcia originally trained in the visual arts and taught herself to play her instruments.She has always been inspired by the relationship bewteen colour and music and this is reflected in her visual and audio art bringing about a perfect marriage of her two passions.

Marcia's musical history started at a young age.Her brothers where into playing records and Toasting (MCing) on the Sound Systems that played Roots Reggae music. This inspired her to become a Radio DJ.She hooked up with some sistrens and formed the Trinity Daughters.As well as Djinging she was introduced to making instrumental dubs, reggae beats and started to play the bass and guitar.

Her evolution into music is unique because of her background in the vusual arts.Wining a Travel scholarship to research Roots Reggae Music in Jamaica enabled her to develope her experimental ideas on music and art and extend the range of her talent.

At the moment she has released some new tracks that can be found on Spotify, Itunes and most major streaming services.And is working in the studio, on new material. Contact me for more information, and check out my music, or sign up to my mailing list.